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Unavoidable Change in the Data Center and Information Technology Industry

Data Centers are being built at an accelerating rate!
We hear unbelievable emphasis all the time about “availability”, “how to build more availability in a single data center site or facility?”,“N+1”, “N+2”, “2N”, and “2N+1” guidelines all relevant to site and facilities infrastructure.But are we correctly addressing the issue of availability?Are we defining availability correctly?What are we trying to achieve via so much emphasis on such narrow and incomplete aspects of a bigger picture?Are the notions of resilience and availability truly all that matter?
Every time I meet fellow colleagues, businessmen, engineers or technicians, the discussion centers around the benefits of cloud computing, yet the legacy standards don’t fully capture its efficacies and fail to integrate them into a meaningful bigger picture.
We still see data center facilities being certified as 99.995% or 99.982% available by legacy certification bodies, and those metrics are good to know. But is it sufficient to…