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How Do Data Centers Drive the Tourism Industry

"I am Groot!" shouts the big tree looking dude. Guardians of the Galaxy is a semi-recent instant cult classic that I was fortunate enough to watch for free on a recent flight from Phoenix to San Francisco (don't call it frisco). Watching movies on a flight is taken for granted these days just like getting a “taxi” to your hotel using an app or sliding your hotel card “key”, technology is enabling the world to travel seamlessly while away from home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways data centers truly impact the tourism industry.
Before leaving on a trip, even a last minute one, there’s a fair bit of planning that goes into it. Outside of the normal “what clothes am I going to bring” or “do I have the right size toothpaste to get through security” questions, are things like “what should we see when we get there” and “where’s the best places to eat”. Now, you might say that all of those questions are a simple click away on my phone or computer but those devices a…