Forty Years in the IT Industry, I see light at the end of the tunnel.

With over forty years in the Information Technology industry I’ve seen my fair share of change.  I started working in the field back in the late seventies and started out as a data entry (keypunch) guy and worked my way into more demanding jobs with greater responsibilities wherever I worked (military or public service).  The one constant in all these years has been change. Some positive - and let’s be honest - some not so positive. 
So why is this important today? Approximately two years ago I was sitting in an IDCA Data Center Infrastructure Expert (DCIE®) certification class and was introduced to the Infinity Paradigm® concept.   I was amazed by the concept and even more intrigued by how this concept could truly change the industry.  I got involved. Today the concept has truly taken flight with the release of the Infinity Paradigm® Standards Framework.  The framework is a solid foundation to provide organizations with a holistic view of their Application EcoSystemTM. It provides the ability to take control of their technology strategy while ensuring proper alignment with evolving business requirements, and to obtain actionable and quantifiable data depicting the viabilities and vulnerabilities impacting their Application Ecosystem.    
The significance and timeliness of the release of the Infinity Paradigm Standards Framework is of particular importance to the entire U.S. Federal Government as each organization works through the requirements to consolidate and reduce their data center inventory, employ cloud services, tackle Big Data issues and address concerns with mission critical infrastructure and facilities.  Employing the attributes within the Infinity Paradigm will greatly assist government Chief Information Officers and management teams to address the demands of the Federal Information Technology Acquisitions Reform Act (FITARA) as well as address the demands under the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI).  The Infinity Paradigm® Standards Framework provides government executives and their respective organizations with a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the design, operational limitations, vulnerabilities, core capabilities, and standards & regulatory compliance status of their Information Technology infrastructure.  
An additional concern throughout government has been the need to audit and demand improvement within systems and capabilities.  Unfortunately, no real capability has been available to technical staff to truly grade and assess their infrastructures capabilities.  Too often issues or concerns with systems, capabilities and operational support are only addressed or brought to light by an Inspector General Audit.  Technical staff finally have controls through the Infinity Paradigm to self-evaluate their environments, pinpoint inefficient operations and adjust the environment as needed. By integrating standards, regulations, and guidance from a wide variety of third party standards bodies and regulatory agencies, in addition to its own standards controls and guidance, and combining that with a revolutionary methodology for normalizing KPIs and performance metrics across technical domains, The Infinity Paradigm® Standards Framework is the foundation upon which the future is being built.
The Infinity Paradigm Standards Framework is a must read for everyone! Download your free copy of the standards framework document at .   


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