The future of Information Technology

The future of IT/Data Centers is here. IDCA’s Infinity Paradigm® will be the road map that all aspects of the data center industry use. From application requirements to cloud computing, platform selection, information technology infrastructure, site facilities infrastructure, site selection, collocation and other services, capacity management, security, maintenance and operations, the Infinity Paradigm® Standards Framework enables a comprehensive and holistic view of the Application EcosystemTM that represents a visionary change in how the information technology and data center industry will do business going forward.
The Infinity Paradigm® Standards Framework for The Application Ecosystem™ gives the end user the tools that will enable them to get the most value for their CAPEX and OPEX budget dollars and the capability and agility to adapt to rapidly evolving business requirements.
As Program Manager of Data Center Operations for CHRISTUS Health, the AE360 framework will allow me to keep my current legacy infrastructure running optimally while incorporating the right new technologies, platforms, and operational practices in support of my organization’s demanding requirements. The detailed explanations of the Application Ecosystem™ stack layers and efficacies will give my senior leadership the information they need when budgeting and expanding our operations.
Now is the time to embrace the future and the merits of the Infinity Paradigm®.
I highly recommend downloading and reviewing the Standards Framework by visiting:


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